Automotive Insurance Basics – The Types Of Coverage

When talking about basic automotive insurance, it means getting the right insurance for you not the cheapest with less coverage. The main reason why the law required drivers or car owner to have auto insurance is to protect you or the drivers as well as the passenger for financial security in case of an accident.As you know, the level of auto insurance varies from state to state where in each company have different minimum rates. Most of the basic automotive insurance policy contains six or five types of coverage depending on what state you live.The five basic types of coverage are:1.) Collision and comprehensive- In collision, this covers losses to your car when you are involved in an accident or collision while the comprehensive covers the non collision physical damage to your vehicle or auto due to storm.2.) Liability Insurance-In this coverage, there is written 3 numbers 20/40/10. The first number indicates the amount of thousands, if the person has an accident and is hurt or killed so it will be $20,000 he will get and the second number indicate if ever for example, somebody rammed your auto and you hit another person’s house then you are covered for each person that is hurt.But take note, that will be up to two person only, then you need to multiply the first number to the second number, that is why it become 40. So 2 multiply by $20,000 is $40,000. The total damages to everyone concerned including your car would pay out $40,000 and the last number which is $10,000 is the amount where in the person who owned the house where your car hit will receive from your insurance company.3.) Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage – protects you when the negligence driver has no insurance or have insufficient insurance which covers bodily injury losses only but to some state, it include property damages or losses.4.) Medical Payments (No fault and Personal Injury Protection)-For the policy holder and other passengers that is in the policyholder’s auto.5.) Property Damage-Covers property damage to the third parties or another person’s car you hit or damage at your fault.If ever you can afford to add more coverage of your needs, then you can such as towing or labor coverage and etc. If you want to purchase for a less expensive automotive insurance, then there are different ways to find by shopping and ask for a quotes on different insurance company or agent.Having a good history driving records, have high credit score, etc. If not, you can go online through the internet, log to different insurance websites and ask free insurance quotes for your auto.When you are online, you can also check the insurance company of their records to know if they are good, reliable and reputable as well. Internet is the easy and fastest way to get insurance quote without any hassle. All you have to do is to log in to the insurance companies website but be careful since there are also fraud in the net.Before logging into the insurance companies sites, be sure you know their websites. You can call them and ask what website they have in the internet, just to be sure.