Adult Onset Asthma – What Is it and Who Gets It?

Adult onset asthma means that you developed asthma an adult after having avoided it your whole life. Developing asthma as an adult can be pretty frustrating since you will probably have to make lifestyle changes unless you come up with a treatment that works. And I am not talking about asthma prescription medications since they can cause side effects that are oftentimes worse than your asthma.Asthma can be a very dangerous health problem and needs to be taken seriously. It will not go away by itself and your prescription medications will not cure it. Age does not appear to be a factor as to when adults can develop asthma. You are just as likely to develop asthma as a 25 year old as you are as a seasoned 65 year old. However, for some reason more women develop adult onset asthma than men. That is yet to be fully explained.There Are Some Increased Risk Factors For Getting Asthma as an AdultAlthough there are no clear answers as to why someone would suddenly develop adult onset asthma, there appear to be some different factors that seem to increase your chances of getting it. These are listed below:
Allergies – approximately half of those people who developed adult onset asthma had prior allergies.
Obesity – appears to increase your chances of developing asthma as an adult.
Cat Allergies – anyone with cat allergies seems to have an increased chance of getting adult onset asthma. There is no supporting evidence to show why this happens, but the numbers say it does. Another one of those unsolved mysteries.
Estrogen Supplements – Women who have taken estrogen supplements for at least 10 years after menopause are 50% more likely to develop adult onset asthma. Another one of those interesting facts and figures.
Environmental Conditions – long term exposure to some environmental conditions at work also seems to lead to more asthma cases.
Medications – certain medications like aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, oral beta blockers, and beta blocker eye drops for glaucoma also seem to increase your chances of developing adult onset asthma.
Infections – other conditions like infections, a cold, the flu, etc., can also increase your chances of developing asthma as an adult.
What is Asthma Having adult onset asthma (or any type of asthma) means that your airways (breathing tubes) going to your lungs are very sensitive and are just waiting to get irritated. For some people they might even be mildly irritated all the time. That will definitely impact your quality of life. Some very annoying and possibly very dangerous results occur when they do get real upset.Results of Irritated Airways
The insides of your airways get extremely sensitive and begin to swell up. This leaves less room for the air to go back and forth to your lungs. It also causes you to cough.
The muscles around the outsides of your airways get real tight and try to squeeze your airways shut. This makes the opening in your airways even smaller.
Gunk or mucus is also produced on the insides your airways. This plugs up the already small airways.
The things that cause your irritated airways are called your asthma triggers. Once your airways get irritated by these triggers, then you start to have your asthma symptoms and what is called an asthma attack.Treatment options are prescription medications (which don’t cure your asthma) or one of the natural asthma treatments which can be very successful in curing your asthma.